City Services



As of January 1, 2021

A deposit of $328.89 is due before water/sewer service will be turned on.  This is refundable if account stays in good standing for 1 year.

Monthly Water/Sewer fees are $109.63/month.  $50.02 goes to water, $59.61 to sewer.

Payments may always be dropped off in the box located next to the C Street door, in the locked mailbox located on the corner of Second and C Streets, or mailed to Town of Endicott, 201 C Street, Endicott WA 99125.  Or pay online using the following link: this link is also in the pinned post on the Town of Endicott Facebook Page.

To the best of our ability meters will be read on the last day of the month and bills will be mailed out by the fifth of each month. Bills are always due on the 25th of the month.  Please make sure your meters are accessible to public works department: boxes cleaned out of dirt and debris and animals and vehicles moved away from the meter box.


Other Numbers for new residents:

Electricity/Natural Gas:

Avista Utilities 800-227-9187

Telephone/Internet/Cable Services:

Pioneer Telephone 509-549-3511

Provides local landline service & internet options.

St. John Telephone Co.  509-648-3322

Provides internet and local digital cable options

*both Direct TV and Dish Network are also available in the area

Garbage Service:

Empire Disposal 509-397-3200

Collection day is Thursday

Cell Phone Service:

The best options for cell phone service are

Verizon Wireless 800-256-4646

Inland Cellular 208-882-4994