What’s Happening in Endicott?


As 2020 comes to an end and we look forward to 2021 the Town Council and Employees would like to wish you all Happy Holidays. 

There are a few important notices that we are sending out to all of you.  A few are noted here, some are attached on separate papers so that you can keep for your viewing through out the year. 

First matter of importance, as you may have seen in the paper, Council has voted on a 2% increase on water and sewer bills for 2021.  This means that your monthly bill will now be $109.63.  You will not see this increase until the January 2021 bill so it will be on the statement you receive that is due on February 25, 2021.  This new increase also means that you will receive an additional 1,000 gallons of water for your base rate of $50.02. The overage charge of $1.00/1,000 will remain the same.  Sewer rate will be $59.61 for residential, $119.22 for commercial, and $536.49 for the school. 

Council realizes that this has been a tough year for the residents of our Town, and we sympathize with those who are struggling.  Please contact City Hall to set up payment arrangements if you are struggling.

We are working on a quarterly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the happenings in and around town and progress on the projects that are in the works for our infrastructure improvements. 

The Town is working on improvements to our infrastructure including water lines, sewer plant and sewer lines, storm water drainage, and street improvements. Public Works has also put a lot of work into our parks this year and has plans continuing into next year and the future. 

The Town has a five-year plan that started in 2020 to upgrade all water meters to radio reads. The Public Works Department has been diligently working on getting the first group of meters replaced and the next batch of meters will be ordered after the first of the year and planned to be installed spring/summer 2021. 

During 2021 you will also see work on resolving our issue of storm water going into the sewer lines.  That project will be going out to bid after the first of the year and plans to start construction in the spring.  Our streets project will be finished up in the spring/early summer with the County chip sealing project.  Plans to get the play park and divider sprinklers replaced and put on timers to help improve efficiency are also on the calendar for the PW dept. Many of you have noticed the improvements made down at Multiflora Park, more is to come next year for Multiflora and for the space next to the library as well as the divider strips.  The Town also received a grant to finally be able to set up a GIS system.  This is huge for our town as it will help exponentially with being able to keep track of areas where we have continued water line issues and being able to better our chances for funding to replace the lines and get a second line ran under the tracks for back up.  This also will allow us to get updated maps of all of our infrastructure. 

Other improvements in the works for the Town is the ability for residents to pay their bill online using a debit or credit card. The link for this will be posted on the bills each month and is on the attached paper with the city hall hours and closures.  Work is being done on being able to email bills to those who would like to receive them that way.  If you are interested in being part of a trial group on that front please send an email with your name and email address to city hall at: endicottcityhall@gmail.com , put “Email Bills” in the subject line.  Efforts are being made to make this email the one that residents use to communicate with city hall so that your emails are not getting lost in the many business emails that come in or being shuffled off to the junk/spam box.  This email will also be used to send out the quarterly newsletter and notices for those who would prefer to receive them that way versus snail mail.  Once again if you have a preference to receive important town notices via email please send your information to the above email and put “Notices or Newsletter” in the subject line.


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